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Note: The video is now on vimeo and you can watch or download the raw movie file. Go here. Or, if you want to make your own DVD of it, read on...

We have DVD image files loaded on this site for you to download. We offer a variety of options but please review the information which follows before you download any of the files.

1. These files are large! The standard (zipped) DVD file is 2.7 Gigabytes and the Blu-Ray file is 6.7 Gigabytes. Even with a broadband connection, expect these downloads to take some time. In our tests, it took 1-2 hours to download the std version and about four hours to download the Blu-ray file. (Cox broadband). It depends on the bandwidth of your connection and how many people are hammering the server at any one time. If your download is going too slow, try the mirror site or cancel and try again at some off hour (East coast, try early in the morning, West coast, late at night).

NOTE: If you are using Internet Explorer, you must have a current version. Earlier versions were limited as to how many gigabytes could be downloaded. The latest version (8) has no such limitations. We had no problems using IE or Chrome in our tests. Tip: IE seems to work best. When the download window pops up, choose "Save" and pick a convenient location for your file (you must have sufficient disk space). If the file chokes, try the download again, it may resume from where it stopped.

2. We are offering three versions of the program below. They are regular DVD, Blu-Ray DVD and PAL DVD. The first two are also available for download on a mirror site ( The true image files have a file extension called "ISO" (so the file name will be something like DVD.iso). But, on our server, they are packaged as ZIP files. Once you download the zip, simply click on it and a window will open up asking you where you want the extracted file to be stored. Click on "Extract Files" and you will now have the ISO file for use in burning your DVD. Note: All files on the site are direct ISO files (no unzipping required - read on.. ).

3. Once you download a file, you MUST have a DVD burner or the file will be useless (although some computers can play the iso file directly on the monitor). The ISO file that you get is an image file - an exact duplicate of our finished product. If you don't have a burner, you could save the image file to a USB drive or Flash Card then take it to a friend who has a computer with a DVD burner and have him/her make your DVD.

4. The process is quite simple. Put a blank DVD in your burner then (with Windows) simply click on the ISO file. A small box should open up. It is called "Windows Disc Image Burner". If you check the "Verify disc" box then the computer will double check to see if the data burned is the same as that of the file, so either way, hit the "Burn" button and you are on your way.

5. If the Disk Image Burner program fails to open, then you may be using a version of windows that doesn't have this capability. Here, we recommend you download an image burning program and install it on your computer. We can recommend ImgBurn. It is free and just as easy to use. You can find it online here. Sorry, we know very little about Macs but we suspect it is just as simple to make discs using one.

6. Don't forget to write on the face of the disk something like "PCT 2011, V.7, 1:16:22" and store it in a scratch proof case or sleeve. (final version is called "V.7")

7. If you choose to put your disc in a jewell case, we have two different cover art images that you can choose from (see them above). The first was taken on top of Mt Whitney and submitted by Top Shelf. The second was taken at the top of Mather Pass and submitted by Gnarly. To use these images, open them by clicking on the links in the previous sentence then right click and choose "save image as". Open them up with a paint type program and print them at approximately 4.75 inches square (or 12X12mm). Then carefully cut out the picture with scissors. It should be square and fit perfectly between the tabs in the jewell case. As an alternative, use one of your favorite images - you will need to crop it to a square shape before printing (or cut off some of the picture to match). We uploaded the largest size images here so they can also be used for large size printing (like 8X10 size) and framed.

8. If you are unable, technically to download and burn a DVD, contact us and we will see what we can do about mailing one to you. Our email address is .

Now, which DVD do you want?

All programs below are optimized for widescreen TVs and it may display "letterboxed" on an older "square" TV. Find a friend with a widescreen! Note also, the std dvd and Blu-ray are the latest versions (ver 7) and not the same as found at PlanYourHike (ver. 6). The main difference between the two is that we added an image of the "trail baby" at the end of the program. Version 6 was produced before he was born.

The first program plays on Standard DVD players (NTSC, American type). There is no submenu with chapters, sorry.

The second image file is a Blu-Ray file. As we said, it is a big file and will take a long time to download AND, to make a blu-ray copy, you MUST have a blu-ray burner, or know someone who does. Again, you can download the file to your computer, transfer it over to a flash or thumb drive (7 gigs of available space) and take it to a place with the burner. And, of course, you must have a blu-ray player and HD TV to play it back. The images are stunningly good in Blu-Ray!

Don't have blu-ray? Maybe download the file anyway and store it on a thumb drive for the future. You not only get HD video but this Blu-Ray program has all the chapters on a sub-menu as well.

The third image file below is for std dvd players but is formatted in PAL for foreign countries using that format. If you live in the US, Canada or Mexico, do not download this. It will not play on your machine. (only available by download)

Ok, enough. Here are the versions available. (All DVDs have a run time of 1:16:22)

1. Standard DVD, main menu only, no chapters (best quality std format) (2.69 Gb) (file: You can also find this iso file (ver6) directly (no unzipping required) at

2. Blu-Ray file - Only if you have a US / Mexico / Canada, etc ("NTSC") Blu-Ray player (File is 6.74 Gb - Zipped) - this could take 2-3 hours to download. Unzipped iso file size is about 9 GB. Very nice image quality! This format has two menu pages, a main menu and the second with scene selections (chapters). (File: PCT-BR-V7). Version 6 of this file is also located at (direct iso file, not zipped).

3. DVD in PAL format for those in foreign countries that use the PAL format (2.8 Gb, ( New Zealand, Australia, Afganistan and many others). Learn more about PAL here . This file is version 6.

4. See the other Class videos here (2003-2011) at the PlanYourHike site.

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