2011 DVD

Song List



We had a lot of fun with the music. In the end, it was difficult to choose from the songs we wanted to use.

If you listen closely, you will also hear a snippet from 500 miles by the Proclaimers :~)

We know everyone has different tastes in music and we hope you enjoy our selections.

(images: Sue on the left submitted by the French Team, and Broken Record on the right by Garfunkel - click on either one)

Songs in order
Artist / Source
Scene in video
Freedom Fighters
The Dark Knight - soundtrack
Prologue - Scrolling title
Let it Snow
Paul Anka
Snow scenes
On the Border
Al Stewart
Campo / Monument
Cool Me Down
Mile 1 to Idyllwild
Mask - Dreamwalk
Keiko Matsui
Idyllwild to Deep Creek (Big Bear)
Deer Creek to I-15 (McD's)
Merlin's Time
Al Stewart
Train near I-15 to Agua Dulce
Hotel California
The Eagles Tribute (Pickin' on the Eagles)
Agua Dulce to Casa de Luna
St. Agnes and the Burning Train
Casa to Walker Pass (Lake Isabella)
High in the Middle
Walker Pass through Kennedy Meadows
Symphony of the Forest
KM to start of Section H (graph)
Two Step
Dave Matthews Band
Sec H graph to "Rivers"
Blaze of Glory
Music Junkies
Rivers section
Edward Scissorshand - Main Title
City of Prague Philharmonic
Mather Pass to Mammoth
Blitzen Trapper
Yosemite to Sonora Pass
Bonaparte's Retreat
Dancing at Sonora Pass segment
In Your Wildest Dreams
Moody Blues
Short segment for Central CA graph
Somewhere Only We Know
City of Prague Philharmonic
Instrumental - Hiker Trash to Sierra City
Have You Ever
Brandi Carlile
Sierra City (Buttes) to Old Station
Becoming one of "The People"
From Avatar soundtrack
Old Station to CA / OR border
Chicken Dance
Original Octoberfest Band
CA/OR Border / Seiad Valley
Come Away With Me
Norah Jones
Oregon border to section on Fires
Welcome Home
Radical Face
Fires to Washington
Bridge Over The Stars
Keido Matsui
WA border to White Pass
Your Rocky Spine
Great Lake Swimmers
White Pass to Dinsmores (Stevens Pass)
Knee Deep
Zac Brown Band
(short segment) Dinsmores
My Name Is Lincoln
"The Island" movie soundtrack - Steve Jablonsky
Stevens Pass to Mica Lake (Yowza!)
Lady of Dreams
Mica Lake to US Border
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
At the Border
With a Little Help from my Friends
Cedar Lane Studio Orchestra (instrumental)
Border to closing credits