The circle is complete

Three years ago we celebrated Dunc and Barb’s engagement on the Pacific Crest Trail.  Three weeks ago we were at Barb and Dunc’s wedding.  Now, we are back at their dairy farm near Hamilton with only three days left of our trip.  Boo- Hoo.. How did it all pass by so quickly?

On our way to Hamilton we stopped for a bit of NZ Frenzy adventure, near the commercial glow worm caves.

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Doom and Gloom

South of Lake Taupo,  on New Zealand’s North Island is an extinct volcano called Mt. Ngauruhoe (say Nah ooh roo hoe ee).  Yeah, just like many words in Kiwi-land, difficult to pronounce and even more so to remember.  But, this mountain starred in the Lord of the Rings movies as the stand in for Mt. Doom.  So, we would attempt to climb this “Mt. Doom”!

It isn’t easy on a clear day.  It would even be more of a challenge today as viz was bad and we had none of the views that you see in the image above. Continue reading