Waterfall Way

So far our journey has taken us leisurely up the Southeast coast, from Sydney, north to as far as Byron Bay.  We have now reversed course at a much faster pace and are now passing by the outskirts of Sydney and heading Westward, mostly along the coast, toward Melbourne and Adelaide.

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Surf and Turf

It’s Christmas here and we are in an RV park in the tiny town of Evans Head (see map).  We are 5 hours earlier than PST but, the next day!  So you stateside people have to wait another day for Christmas. 
Santa is busy, traveling the world.  He was here last night and left a sled/reindeer trail along with footprints throughout the park.


If you are connected to Barb’s facebook, you might have heard that we tried kangaroo in a local Byron Bay restaurant.  Frankly, it is quite tasty (and, tastes nothing like chicken!). Rather like
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Koalas, Roos and Crocs

Jack:  When I was in junior high, I listened to shortwave radio.  I picked up broadcasts from around the world.  One especially strong station was Radio Australia.  They would always sign off with the call of an especially Australian bird, the kookaburra.  Well, a funny thing happened the other evening,  I heard that same call and immediately recognized it.  Check out this YouTube, these birds have quite the pipes!
Kookaburra Tunes

We saw one in a tree the other day and we hear Continue reading