Beyond the Twelve Apostles

Where the Great Ocean Walk ends, at the 12 Apostles, the Great Ocean Road continues.  The 12 Apostles (shown below) are a collection of limestone stacks formed by erosion from the extreme weather conditions of the southern ocean. 

Caves are first formed, then arches, then the arch collapses, leaving a limestone stack.  This place is in all the tourist literature and is one of the most visited spots in Australia. Continue reading

The Great Ocean Walk

Between Melbourne and Adelaide the highway hugs the coast with some pretty spectacular scenery.  It is called The Great Ocean Road.  But, few people know that there is also a 100 km (60 mile) walk called appropriately, The Great Ocean Walk.  It covers a lot of the coastal landscape that is hidden to those in cars on the road.  Normally it is done with permits and overnight backpacking but we had a different plan. Continue reading