Secret Slot Canyon

Ever heard of merino wool?  If you have any icebreaker base layers, you know that merino wool is some of the finest (thin diameter) warmest wool on the planet and it is not itchy!

We drove through icebreaker country and noticed the different sheep.

Merinos are darker.

Today, we were heading up to a slot canyon. 
It required again driving on a long gravel road.  Hmmm, the car rental lady told us we could see the entire country and never leave pavement and, well there’s was the clause in the rental contract.

So, here we were again, breaking the rules!

Fortunately, not much traffic.

To get to the slot canyon, we had to hike up a creek.  It involved no fewer than 30 crossings – all of which were shallow and easy.



After an hour and a half, we arrived, along with a company of air force recruits.


A short but fun canyon, and a great day hike.


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8 Responses to Secret Slot Canyon

  1. hema says:

    WOW. What a gorgeous location!!! Simply stunning.

  2. Tamara D says:

    With all the slot canyons you’ve been visiting it looks like a trip to Utah with us should be on your list to check out some technical slots! Not sure when you land back on US soil – but April is a prime Utah canyoneering month….

  3. Jim DutkiewiczMeijijim says:

    If you ever decide to take up after Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid you will definitely know where all the good hide outs are located. Those canyons and rivers look awesome!!! Keep on trucking and have safe journeys!

  4. Joth says:

    so you take off and hike an hour and a half up an obscure out of the way canyon off a dirt road… no concerns? and then you cross a troop of air force cadettes in the middle of !@#$ nowhere, with no airplane? I understand this is down under and everything is upside down, but come on… with nothing but dark sheep to show the way?
    Geez… it doesn’t get much better than that~!~~~!

  5. admin says:

    Joth – You’re cracking us up! Our Kiwi friends as well! Come to think of it, we should have asked them about the plane.

  6. admin says:

    Jim – Definitely a “Hole in the Wall”!

  7. admin says:

    Ret home Mar 26th. Keep us in the loop. Will we need our snorkels?

  8. Leslie says:

    Beautiful place! We missed seeing that one too, when we were there. Love merino wool, it’s not itchy at all.

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