Class of 1964
50 Years later...Where we are now


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We want your Bio!

Email info to jross3@cox.net

Guidelines for submissions

1. There is no deadline for submissions, well, until I can't type anymore.

2. Basic Level: Email a current image of yourself (this is optional!) and tell us where you are living and what you are presently doing. That should take about 5 minutes.

3. Next level: Spend more time with the email and summarize your life for the last 50 years. A single paragraph would be a basic size but to summarize 50 years, it will likely take 1/2 to a full page. There is no restriction on the length of your bio. Add an image if possible.

4. Max out! Spend some time thinking about all the things you have done in the last 50 years - where you worked, lived, married, kids, grandkids, trips, experiences, sports or hobbies you participat(ed) in. Make an outline, narrow it down to the highlights and present it in chronological order. You can simply send in the outline or turn your outline into a story. I can accept standard emails, word docs as attachments or html pages as well. There is no limit on the size of your document. (hint: just send me an email and tell us what you have been doing for all this time), optionally, attach a current image to the email.

Images: If you wish, include at least one current image of yourself. Please try to limit your images to a maximum of 15. I will be using small thumbnails that will be clickable to the larger shot. Try to submit images around 800X600 in size or larger, up to about 1000 pixels wide (landscape mode). If you can't change the dimensions of your images, it is ok to send any size. **Please include a key that identifies people or places in the images and the year it was taken. As an example, "DC40567.jpg: the year 2000, Fred and I in our Y2K bunker that we built ourselves". I will use this info as a caption under your image.

5. Links! If you have online albums, youtube videos, personal websites or any clickable link you wish to include, please do so. Embed the URL into your copy as you see fit or present them at the end and I will take care of it.

6. If you submit something now and decide you want to edit it or add more images later, that's ok! Just let me know.

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